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As part of the support to MSMEs, SEDIN implements the SME Business Training and Coaching Loop (SME Loop) to increase employment and income in 3 partner states. The SME Loop approach was developed and successfully piloted in Sierra Leone and is currently being rolled-out in several other countries, e.g. Nigeria, Malawi, Mali and Benin. The first SME Loop was implemented in Nigeria in 2017 over a six-month period, which was used to analyse the approach and adapt it to the Nigeria context.  The revised material is being used for a second round of SME Loop implementation since October 2018 onwards.

Based on the experience from the first SME Loop in Nigeria, SEDIN developed training materials for a Business Training and Coaching Loop focused on start-ups (Start-up Loop). Since March 2018, the Start-up Loop has been implemented with 4 partner organisations in the three states.
SME Loop


The SME Business Training and Coaching Loop (SME Loop) is designed to offer MSMEs a higher level of understanding about running a business in order to stabilise existing ventures, generate more income or profit and expand businesses and employment. The SME Loop provides a combination of assets, business training and coaching, that produce rapid visible results for the benefit of the entrepreneur, its employees and the society in which the enterprise is acting in.

The SME Loop consists of 7 phases over a six-month time span for its implementation. The process includes:
  • Phase I: Coaching 1 and final selection (familiarization visits and 2 group coaching sessions)
  • Phase II: First training on basic entrepreneurship skills
  • Phase III: Coaching 2 (2 group, 4 individual coaching sessions)
  • Phase IV: Second training on advanced entrepreneurship skills
  • Phase V: Coaching 3 (2 group, 4 individual coaching sessions)
  • Phase VI: Graduation Ceremony  
  • Phase VII: Follow-up and Evaluation after 12 months


1 Nigerian SME Loop master trainer
43 trainers/coaches trained to deliver SME Loop to Nigerian SMEs across the 3 partner states


  • Successful implementation of the 1st SME Loop in 2018: 249 enterprises (29% headed by women) graduated in 2018 for successful completion of the 1st SME Loop.
  • Increase in disposable income of 86% achieved for the participants of the 1st SME Loop
  • Review of the 1st SME Loop and application of lessons learned built-in to the 2nd SME Loop
  • 2nd SME Loop currently on-going supporting 323 enterprises
  • Adaptation of the SME Loop model to the special needs of start-up businesses
Start-up Loop

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