Promoting Entrepreneurship Skills

In line with SEDIN’s responsibility for employment creation and capacity building is the introduction of the basic entrepreneurship training for secondary school students in the 3 partner States and the establishment of extra curricula Students Entrepreneurship Activity Hubs which are referred to as (SEA-Hubs) in secondary schools.

To complement the direct face-to-face training and coaching approach for both the SME Loop and the Start-up Loops, the SEDIN programme has developed an interactive learning platform (SMEsabi) using the materials from the Loops. The learning platform provides five modules relevant to both the SME Loop for existing businesses and the Start-up Loop.


The Students Entrepreneurship Activity Hub (SEA-Hub) aims at building and preparing young minds to practically understand the basics of running a successful business, foster opportunity recognition, innovation, risk-taking, critical thinking, and in the long run to enable employment creation. SEA-Hubs are expected to run mini businesses.


State Ministry of Education
State level Business Development Committee Network (BDCN)
Local Government authorities
Local enterprises


  • Entrepreneurship training of students and teachers from 253 secondary schools
  • State level SEA-Hub Exhibition and Competition held
  • Upscaling to Edo State in 2019
  • 11,342 students (approx. 57% girls) introduced to SEA-Hub
  • 198 out of the 253 trained schools inaugurated and established SEA-Hub. The main SEA-Hub activities entail:
    -   Weekly extra curricula meetings
    -   Creation of mini-business with little or no funds to practice real life entrepreneurship
    -   Support by teacher/staff advisor
    -   Support by local business community through vocational or general input at meetings
    -   Opportunities for work based experiences and to exercise leadership
    -   Regular visits to local enterprises
    -   Participation at entrepreneurship competitions for SEA-Hub schools to showcase their innovations

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