• Where we work

    Where we work

One important aspect of SEDIN is the forward thinking and mainstreaming between activities to and from local to state activities to the federal administrative levels. These are made to institutionalise reforms and changes at country level as well as induce peer-learning between stakeholders from different states.

With regards to the financial sector, SEDIN offers support to policy makers as well as actors on the supply and demand side. SEDIN supports the strengthening of the regulatory and supervisory environment for Microfinance and Microinsurance to make the sector more conducive for the development and outreach of financial services. On the market (supply) side, SEDIN works with the industry associations (National Association of Microfinance Banks (NAMB) and Nigeria Insurance Association (NIA) on capacity building and product development for the service providers such as insurance companies and MFBs to be able to offer appropriate and affordable financial products and services for the economically active low income earners. To improve the financial knowledge of the demand side, SEDIN cooperates with different stakeholders on financial literacy activities (CBN, NGOs, BDCs/BMOs, etc). For information on key achievements of SEDIN interventions in the field of microfinance, financial literacy, SME and value chain finance, micro and agricultural insurance kindly use following link

Furthermore, on the federal level, SEDIN  collaborates with diverse partners from both the public as well as the private sector. Key strategic partners from the public sector vary upon the programme Unit’s centre of activities. For enabling environment reforms (from public and private sectors) support is geared to  the Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment (FMITI), SMEDAN, NIPC, NESG (Trade Industry Competitiveness Policy Commission – TICPC); NASME; MAN; FIRS, JTB. SEDIN supports the Organised Private Sector (OPS) to advocate for issues that would lead to reforms and an improved business and investment climate.

At the same time, SEDIN works with Federal level partners to support their efforts to implement in Nigeria policy measures agreed at ECOWAS level to facilitate regional convergence. With regards to trade facilitation, SEDIN cooperates with the FMTI, the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), the OPS and other non-state actors such as the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS). Another focus area is strengthening of the national tax administration based on the ECOWAS reform programme, where SEDIN has a working relationship with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). In cooperation with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), SEDIN plans to support the establishment of an effective cross-border banking supervision in the ECOWAS region.