• Financial System Development

    Financial System Development

    Financial System Development Supports to improve the regulatory environment for microfinance and the performance of selected microfinance banks, assess possibilities to support financial institutions to increase their MSME lending activities, facilitate the introduction of microinsurance products, as well as activities to foster financial literacy and consumer protection in the financial sector.

  • Business Enabling Environment Reforms

    Business Enabling Environment Reforms

    Support to improve the regulatory and institutional environment for MSMEs at local, state and federal levels. This is being achieved by strengthening the capacities of stakeholders from the public and private sector in advocating and implementing reforms that result into better performing MSMEs with increased incomegenerated and sustained employment.

  • Trade Policy and Facilitation

    Trade Policy and Facilitation

    Reducing administrative hurdles to domestic and intra-regional trade by removing physical trade barriers and supporting border management reforms; facilitating evidence-based policy making; sensitising the private sector including MSMEs on the potentials and procedures of intra-ECOWAS trade; as well as promoting Nigerian exports into the sub-region.

  • Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Value Chains (VCs)

    Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Value Chains (VCs)

    SEDIN has selected four VCs: sheanut/-butter in Niger (after recorded success in five years, this value chain will be replaced by another VC to be selected soon), cassava in Ogun, potato in Plateau and construction with a focus on the low-cost housing sector as a cross-cutting non-agricultural VC in all states.

  • Cross-Cutting Themes

    Cross-Cutting Themes

    SEDIN recognizes that women play a fundamental role in moving the Nigerian economy forward and therefore aims at increasing their participation in economic activities in its programme states. With her HIV mainstreaming strategy, it ensures that HIV does not negate the success and attainment of its goals and also contribute towards reducing the spread of HIV in its programme states.

General Publications
Listener Survey (2015) 1.45 MB
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ECO VANGUARD, Apr 2013 English Edition 6.03 MB
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ECO VANGUARD, Nov 2012 English Edition 4.07 MB
Enterprise Baseline Survey 2012 3.4 MB
Enterprise Baseline Survey 2012, Short Version 2.1 MB
Enterprise Baseline Survey 2012, Trade Add-on 2.38 MB
Simple Guide to Export into the ECOWAS region 1.30 MB
ETLS Brochure 4.30 MB
Past and on-going projects
Financial Literacy Movie: “E GO BETTER - The Microfinance Way” Official Trailer (2:20)
Trims Website Official Website
One Stop Shops in Nigerian States (3:30)
Success stories / Flyers / Fact sheets / Tools
Loan Pricing of Nigerian Microfinance Bank 2.44 MB
SEDIN Farmer group development training manual 2.15 MB
Loan Pricing of Nigerian Microfinance Banks: Survey & Methods of Assessment (January 2016) 1.02 MB
SEDIN Factsheet (January 2016) 342.25 KB
Questionnaire Instrument for Data Collection for the Cassava Farmer Study in Ogun State (July 2015) 1.10 MB
Fact Sheet: Assessment Of The Financial Capacity Of Cassava Farmers in Ogun State (July 2015) 724 KB
Assessment Of The Financial Capacity Of Cassava Farmers in Ogun State (July 2015) 1.04 MB
Market Opportunities for Affordable Housing in Nigeria 2.84 MB
Supporting State Business Environment Reforms in the areas of Land Administration and Construction Permits, Apr 2014 336 KB
Loan Pricing Survey, Feb 2014 1.9 MB
Loan Pricing Survey, Nov 2013 (Short Version) 829 KB
Business Enabling Environment, Sep 2013 360 KB
One Stop Shop in Nigerian States,  Aug 2013 421 KB
CAMEL Manual, Apr 2013 1.6 MB
Strengthening Nigeria’s Trade Support Institutions (SNTSI) 155 KB
CAMEL Rating Toolkit 7.4 309 KB
Social Performance Rating 44 KB
R Calculation Tool for MFBs 20 KB
SPM Food for Thought Piece 1 90 KB
SPM Food for Thought Piece 2 108 KB
Word Social Performance Rating Sheet, 2012 194 KB
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